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July 19, 2011
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July 4, 2012

One of our clients is in the midst of building a Fredericksburg, TX destination location. Positioned on Main Street among a smattering of cute shops and eateries, the project called Vaudeville, is an ambitious endeavor. Owners, Jordan Muraglia and Richard Boprae are renovating this three story, historic location. Their plans detail a main floor furniture showroom, an upstairs art showroom, and a basement market for fine wines and foods with a coffee bar and mini kitchen. But that’s not all, just outside of the main-floor shop, Vaudeville will also feature a fine restaurant with outdoor dining and full bar. The ‘soft’ opening is slated for the spring of this year, and they are well on their way.

At the center of the whole project, their carefully designed logo is in the process of being emblazoned on signage, items for sale in their shop, and nearly anything it can be. Moving forward with production in full confidence, Vaudeville is taking their chances, because their logo is about to come up for review.

There’s no promise that Frederickburg’s City Council will approve the image featuring two scantily clad, female performers in the form of a steer’s skull.  The illustration follows the contours of the twin ladies, in an abstract enough way, that it’s not perfectly clear just how scantily clad they are. “We never considered creating an image containing nudity, but in the interest of clean lines and simplicity, we didn’t find that detailing their outfits was all that important,” said co-owner Jordan Muraglia. But two weeks from today, the Mayor of the city, along with his committee, will be the ultimate judge of that.

The issue of their questionable logo hasn’t yet been a bad thing for Vaudeville. People had already been talking about the project because of the location and the scale alone, but the logo controversy has drummed up even more attention within the community. Everyone seems to like a little scandal, and Vaudeville has served it up, before their doors have even opened.

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