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July 6, 2008
Medulla goes WordPress.
August 22, 2010

Or maybe I should say, it brings life to your website.

Did your small business build a website that you thought was absolutely perfect the day it was launched only to become less and less excited to give out the address as the days progressed? You were proud for months! Then slowly the content got older and there was nothing to reflect the news within your business, your industry or your market.

So many small businesses see their site as a necessary part of doing business, but they fail to realize the value beyond the “online brochure” and how easy and affordable it is to create a website that breathes new life beyond the day it was born.

Web is not print. Sure, there are sections of your website that might not need to be changed for years or content that requires a designer’s touch to update. But how often are you inspired to post your latest happenings or discoveries and have nowhere, on your site, to do so?

screenshotJust add WordPress. WordPress is a blog platform and adaptable as a full content management system. Think of it as your handy do-it-yourself tool for creating and editing content on the fly.

Your new articles are automatically posted on your website with the date and a place for comments. You can categorize your posts and users can even search them. Each of your posts automatically becomes a page that you can link to from your emails, your social networks, your tweets… anywhere you wish!

Build your entire website on the WordPress platform (still with a fully custom design, if you choose) and WordPress becomes a tool for editing content on any page, pictures and words alike.

All of this functionality is installed on your very own website, and the software is free. It’s super cool and I’m psyched to be offering it through Medulla.

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