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brand centered design

Simply put, your Brand is the sum of the public's perceptions of your company. Consciously or not, every time a brand presents itself, it creates itself. Every single marketing communication is an opportunity to make an impression.

But how do you make sure to make the right impression, all while squeezing in key messages? 20 years of working as a creative director and designer in small business marketing has given me a few ideas.

Here's my philosophical recipe for branding success:

Know who you are. Be sure to be clear about who you are as a company. Know its personality, its style and its method of communicating. Use this particular charm to attract the right customers.

Be consistent. Create familiarity and a sense of trustworthiness by showing up as the brand they know, every time. They'll start to recognize you, even from a distance.
Know your audience. Your customers think a certain way, and if you can understand it, you can get in their heads more easily and start to predict how your marketing will land for them.

Keep it simple. To me, Design is the art of creating something that achieves multiple goals in a way that makes it look natural and easy. Find creative ways to say more, with less.

Find new perspective. Try to imagine where the customer is coming from. What need of theirs does your offering fulfill? Talk to someone on the outside that can see your offerings with the new eyes of your customer.

Leave something to the imagination. Fascinate them with the power of mystery and awe. Also, if you spell it all out, they may think that's all you've got.

As important as your brand impression is, in the end it's an expectation. Actions speak louder than words, so make sure that your brand is the perfect ambassador for what your company really has to offer.

“Simplicity is
the ultimate

—Leonardo da Vinci