February 14, 2017
Vaudeville Event Promotion
June 21, 2017


Interactive, semi-temporary structure

XA is a multi-structural, one-of-a-kind, built-to-travel event space. At the center is a bar, the "Crop Circle Cantina", which provides structures and support for climbing, dancing, bartending and comfortably sitting up to eighteen people. Additional structures include a huge spaceship-shaped integrated shade, an entry gate and free standing sign.

The structure was conceptualized and first built in 2008. It's since has grown, traveling far and wide, with landings at festivals and private events across the US.

Happening upon this out-of-this-world experience at a festival means enjoying free flowing libations, danceable beats and being enticed by both to climb atop the bar's surface to session one of its poles or to the very top for a better view.
Roles Creative direction, architectural design, construction, event planning, grant writing, project management
Materials Steel, aluminum, plywood, shade mesh, fiberglass, webbing, rebar and lots of hardware.
Features Six, 3-seat, thickly padded, upholstered and integrated seats. Eight 12 foot dancing poles. 75' in diameter shade structure. DJ platform. Entry gate.
Team Sean Dellor, Denise Dambrackas