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August 22, 2010
A Medulla-designed, controversial logo gains attention
February 27, 2012

Just over a week ago, i returned from a trip to Europe. If you know me, you just imagined me wandering through museums, padding through city streets taking in the sites, in search of the next gelato or coffee shop, while keeping a colorful journal of it all. I like that vision too, but no… not this time. This time it was my boyfriend Jay Couch’s time. Jay is a mechanical master and (so it seems) a glutton for punishment. He decided to head the first American Team ever to enter the off-road race called Breslau Adventure Rallye, and I went with him.

I wasn’t the passenger, just to answer the first question on your mind. I was simply “driver support” and according to my registration, I was “Presse”! Being a member of the press (working for “Medulla Media”) allowed me a few cool benefits. For example, I sometimes had front row seats for the action, free beer at the bar and access to an occasional wi-fi signal, not available to the run of the mill attendee, driver, or serviceman.

I used this opportunity as Presse to do some PR work for Jay’s Unimog Service business here in Denver, Couch Off-Road Engineering (CORE), also my “client”. I wrote the story as it played out, on the WordPress blog I’d integrated into his website, over the week long adventure. Friends, clients, partners of Couch Off-Road Engineering and those newly curious about the first American team to enter this crazy European Off-Road race, all turned to my words for a first hand report on what was happening. The other press for the event only told the bigger picture story and with 300 plus other competitors, the personal stories were plentiful. But anyone that wanted our scoop directly, visited Jay’s website and clicked on the blog link, also advertised blatantly on his home page.

I built CORE’s website, some time ago, and despite my offers for regular updates Jay was too busy to take full advantage. So, his site remained untouched for months at a time, with the same pretty pictures and carefully crafted words that I’d placed there, when I built it. The Google Analytics I’d installed on his site reported peaks in traffic, only when Jay would spend time on his favorite forum. But now, with a blog and an event to pique interest, the traffic to CORE’s site sky rocketed.

The Facebook page I’d created helped, as well. His fan page is slowly building in “likes” and posting links back to Jay’s site for each blog story posted sent people to the site in droves, as they saw the link and “liked” it or reposted it on their wall, it caught on and gathered traffic from across the social media platform. I also posted photos and links there, which has not hurt, in building CORE’s social media following. Posting videos on Jay’s YouTube channel which are also linked on his blog, garners even more of an opportunity for off-road enthusiasts to find Jay’s website. One of those videos is getting so much traffic that we have signed up for a program where he can start to gain some passive income from those views.

After having so much fun on Jay’s project and witnessing the tremendous results from the work I did for his business through his blog and his new social media presence, I thought why am I not doing this for all of my clients? If you can see how creative reporting, storytelling and blog and social media publishing can gain your business the attention it deserves for all of the cool stuff that you and your business does, please contact me. I’d love to custom craft a plan that can work for you.

Telling the story of Jay’s adventure to his niche market, provided tons of news worthy content on Jay’s site, built traffic and hence is building and will continue to build business. Check out our story at

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